The Hilltop seeks an eager, consistent reporter who is eager to develop strong writing and reporting skills. Contributing to either the news, culture or sports department, the budding writer has a passion for news or media and is willing to serve as a fundamental staff member of The Hilltop.
In addition to completing this application, please email your résumé, two (2) writing samples and an unofficial transcript to

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Attend university- and city-related events to develop relevant, timely news content
- Research news, events and policies and identify opportunities to craft engaging content for various sections adhering to The Hilltop's reporting guidelines
- Conduct and transcribe interviews to deliver objective stories and reports
- Work with editorial manager to develop writing and reporting skills consistent with The Hilltop's news budgets
- Craft and pitch story ideas to editorial team and identify methods to enhance written content
- Communicate with editorial manager about photos to accompany print and online content
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